At Teraso, we not only manufacture and market products made of the Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) composite, but even more importantly, we alter or create from scratch your personal space – a place where you live, relax and spend time with your loved ones. In cooperation with assemblers, contractors, and our expert partners from related industries, and drawing from technical knowledge, passion and creativity, we assist in the creation of deckings and fences that are both appealing and functional.

The quality of our products, and the efforts we make to continuously develop the company have won us increasingly more customers and business partners. Our professional attitude and state-of-the-art technical solutions combined with sensitivity to the beauty of the world around us enables us to realise even the most original concepts with the use of the innovative WPC composite. Whether it is a customised house decking or a large-scale investment project, our entire team contributes with maximum effort, energy and positive attitude to achieve the set goals and tasks.



As a young team of up-to-date professionals, we strive to keep developing. We are open to the latest technologies related to the manufacture of items made of WPC, as well as their wider use in construction, interior design, and gardening. We continuously seek for innovative solutions and ideas to adapt Teraso products to the needs of our customers.

Our manufacturing plants are located in the Czech Republic. It is here, where fully committed best professionals and experienced technologists create composite boards that are offered throughout the EU under the Teraso brand.

We are continuously developing our sales network – as of today, we have more than 100 sales points, where one can not only buy our products, but also learn first-hand about their merits and find out that Teraso is a strong brand that promotes top quality, competence and integrity.